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Rally part of the state’s tapestry

01-Feb-2007 I would like to express my support for the Suncoast Classic Rally as a Samford resident. I once owned a property in Adelaide that was on one of the competitive sections of Silverstone Events Classic Adelaide so have had first hand experience of a similar event going past my home. My neighbours and my son and I were so inspired by the atmosphere, ... more

Keep our roads safe

01-Feb-2007 I read with interest your article, “Locals revved up”, on 21st December 2006. There may be good reasons to conduct a car rally on the road here at Mt Glorious. In the end, though, the debate surrounding this rally comes down to one core issue - road safety. The road that approaches both sides of Mt Glorious is dangerous when driven at inappropriate ... more

Nothing’s set in stone

01-Feb-2007 Congratulations on your coverage of the proposed Suncoast Classic Car Rally (21 Dec) and the associated opinion poll. As a resident of Maleny, (where Silverstone tried to impose its largely unwanted and totally unrequested rally) I urge residents of beautiful Mt Glorious to examine closely just what is being proposed by this company. Please don’t ... more

No thank you

01-Feb-2007 Your story ("The Westerner" on 21 December) accurately reports the strong opposition of a large number of us to the rally, which will see roads closed in our townships so 250 cars can conduct time trials as part of the SunCoast Classic rally organised by Silverstone Events Australia. The steep and winding mountain roads at Mt Glorious are patently ... more

The rally must be stopped

01-Feb-2007 I was shocked and disheartened to hear of the proposed rally to take place on the roads of Mount Glorious. When one of the organisers from Suncoast Classic Rally came to our door a few weeks ago to advise us of pending road closures, he told us that it was “just like the race Peter Brock was killed driving”. What a wonderful drawcard. This is one ... more

So many cars, so many problems

01-Feb-2007 The recent disclosure of a proposed major car rally right through the heart of Brisbane Forest Park has highlighted some anomalies. My first question was: what relevance does such a disruptive and destructive event have in a National Park, whether on sealed or unsealed roads? Approaches to various state government ministers drew some blanks, the ... more

Residents vs the rally

02-Feb-2007 The Sunshine Coast Rally has planned part of its circuit to go up the Mt Mee Road, Ocean View. As recently reported in The Westerner, the people of Samford are not happy with it going through their area, despite what the council appears to think, and the few rally-enthusiasts that live in the area say. We learnt of the race, and in particular ... more

Copycat drivers the real threat to Mt Glorious

15-Feb-2007 On 1 February the Mt Glorious community met to consider the proposed SunCoast car rally. The central issue discussed at the meeting concerned copycat drivers coming to the mountain following such a rally to test their driving skills on our challenging mountain roads. Bob Carpenter’s comment in "The Westerner"(1 Feb) that “concerns about the event ... more

Global issues need greater awareness

15-Feb-2007 Ramblings of an ageing space cadet! In response to Mal McClure’s column on 1 February I would like to congratulate him on his latest title, coined by David Houghton, and offer him encouragement for his “ramblings”. Mal presents his synopsis of current issues and states “we are fairly and squarely stuck with the task of finding acceptable solutions ... more

When enough is not enough

15-Feb-2007 In the interests of the motoring public, road safety is a major issue with the Queensland Government, with their “Enough Is Enough” campaign. In a climate of major concern about road safety it would be irresponsible to introduce such a speed trial on dangerous roads near Brisbane where annually, thousands of families come to enjoy the natural ... more

First hand hearsay

15-Feb-2007 In response to the criticism (“Letters”, The Westerner, 21 December 2006) of my relying on “hearsay” in relation to the drought in 1951/2, my informant is an impeccable first hand source. He farmed the land in the North Pine area at the time. No man recalls a drought better than a farmer who is relying upon rain for his livelihood. On the other ... more

Don’t give up hope!

01-Mar-2007 What a completely depressing column! ("Being Now": “The delusion of hope” by Mal McClure, February 15). Supposedly his column offers “innovative, non-doctrinal solutions to problems of humanity.” Quite frankly, I found his statements provided no solutions at all, and suggested there was no hope (for want of a better word) for those of us who dare ... more

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