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Thursday, 12 October 2006

Source: Lee Oliver

Maiala Teahouse Restaurant owners Rod Nolan and Marilyn Pritchard are inviting motorcyclists to Mt Glorious.

Maiala Teahouse Restaurant owners Rod Nolan and Marilyn Pritchard are inviting motorcyclists to Mt Glorious.

An initiative designed to improve motoring safety on one of South East Queensland’s most dangerous stretches of road will come to Mt Glorious later this month.

The Maiala Rainforest Teahouse and Restaurant will play host to a day of road safety information, known as “Ride, Drive the Mountain – it’s Glorious”, on 29 October.

Queensland Police will present to the answer questions of visitors, who will also be able to see the workings of the Accident Investigation Squad, including the operation of mobile radars, first hand.

The day will also feature training motorbikes and safety courses displays from Morgan Wacker Rider Training and information booths of Queensland Transport, Samford First Responders and the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Maiala Rainforest Teahouse Restaurant co-owner Marilyn Pritchard said: “We at Maiala are keen to promote our time and resources to heightening awareness of road safety on Mt Glorious.”

Ms Pritchard said staff at the bike-friendly establishment had helped many riders and motorists who had been unable to properly negotiate the winding and often hazardous road.

“There have been accidents here where some people come off their bike, such as when they might not take the corner in the right gear,” she said.

“But sometimes people over commit to taking a corner and are a bit over-zealous.

“It can still be a beautiful road, without the rider going flat-strap.”

Organisers are selling raffles tickets for the inaugural event, with thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won, including rider safety gear, personalised number plates and rider training courses.

All proceeds will be donated to the First Responders, a volunteer organisation that plays an integral role in times of accidents by all vehicles on the mountain, for the purchase of vital, life-saving equipment.

The event will be held at Maiala Rainforest Teahouse Restaurant, 1850 Mt Glorious Road, Mt Glorious, from 9am to 2pm.

For more information phone 3289 0100.

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