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Candidate hits the road from dawn till dusk

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Source: Lee Oliver

Seath Holswich will be on the election campaign trail when he visits 18 suburbs next Monday.

Seath Holswich will be on the election campaign trail when he visits 18 suburbs next Monday.

The Liberal National Party candidate for Pine Rivers will hit the road next week as the parliamentary hopeful ramps us his campaign ahead of the Queensland state election.

Seath Holswich has announced a ‘dawn to dusk listening tour’ around the electorate on 12 March.

Starting at Clear Mountain at 5.30am and ending at Strathpine the same evening, Mr Holswich will spend 13 hours visiting 18 suburbs around the electorate.

He will also take in areas around Dayboro, as well as locations such as Ocean View, Joyner, Lawnton, Brendale, Warner and his home suburb of Cashmere.

Mr Holswich believes hosting his ‘community corners’ meet and greets around the region would

demonstrate his “commitment to being approachable and available to the people of Pine Rivers”.

He said he has held around 80 community corners throughout the Pine Rivers electorate since he was endorsed as the LNP candidate in late-2010.

“It’s beneficial for myself and beneficial for the community as well, because they get to know who I am, what I stand for, what I believe in and get a good indication of what type of representative that I will be if they elect me,” Mr Holswich said.

“The benefit for myself is that I get to know a lot of community groups and I get to know more about what the issues are.

“Back at the beginning of the campaign I knew that there were issues such as hooning… and 15 or 16 months later I can tell you the streets and the suburbs where it’s a particular issue.

“You don’t have that luxury if you’ve only been (campaigning) around the place for a short period of time.

“One of the complaints Pine Rivers residents have about their local Labor representatives is that they haven’t been making themselves available for the people they represent.”

Mr Holswich said the local voters he had spoken to had universal concerns.

“The big issue that everyone talks about more than any other is the cost of living – electricity, public transport fares, the cost of petrol, the cost of just about anything,” he said.

“Those sorts of issues and the squeeze that it’s putting on the family budget comes up all the time.

“In terms of local issues, hooning comes up regularly and so does crime and personal safety. People want to feel safe in their community and they want to feel safe in their own home.”

Fixing AJ Wyllie Bridge at Lawnton and problems with the river crossing at Youngs Crossing Road at Joyner are also topics of concern for local voters, said Mr Holswich, who also wants to boost tourism in the region.

The full schedule of locations for Mr Holswich’s listening tour will be posted on

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