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A Few Best Men

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Source: Noel Reeves

A Few Best Men is a complete failure as a comedy.  A romp so devoid of a sense of humour or any shred of intelligence that every single aspect of it – the casting, the acting, the timing, the style and even the soundtrack – are dead in the water. 

I literally cannot remember a film I’ve enjoyed less in the six years I’ve been writing this column. 

This ‘comedy’ is about Englishman David (Xavier Samuel) who falls in love with Australian backpacker Mia (Laura Bent) while on holiday, and proposes to her on a whim.

He and his best friends fly from London to New South Wales for the wedding and, predictably, everything that can go wrong does. 

The groomsmen are the sex comedy stereotypes of a sexual deviant (Kris Marshall), a nerd (Kevin Bishop) and the recently dumped and depressed sensitive type (Tim Draxl). 

Mia’s family are all upper class politicians so the movie becomes one of those comedies where characters must maintain a serious facade, while trying to conceal cocaine, dead bodies and strippers. 

This material has found huge success in great comedies like Death at a Funeral, The Heartbreak Kid and The Birdcage, but here none of it works.  That A Few Best Men was written by Dean Craig, who also wrote the excellent Death at a Funeral, is a scandal. 

I wish there was more to say other than ‘the movie is not funny’, but that’s all I can say without describing particular scenes in lurid detail.  I will just as easily say that every set-up to each joke is predictable, and each punch line gets no reaction from the audience, and that the characters literally say, “this isn’t what it looks like!” over 86 times. It wasn’t funny the first time you said it, so number 86 isn’t going to be any different. 

Here’s a fun fact that is more amusing than anything in this movie: A Few Best Men has gotten some unfavourable reviews so the producers, desperate to give the film a good name, have plastered the posters with quotes from the film’s Facebook site. 

Here’s one for the DVD cover: “This movie sucks, I hated every single moment of it” – Noel@Facebook.


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