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Everton candidate profile - Murray Watt

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Name:   Murray Watt

Party: Australian Labor Party

Age: 39

Suburb of residence: Mitchelton

Occupation: State Member for Everton

Bio:  Murray and his wife Cynthia live in Mitchelton with their two young children. In 2009 he was elected as the Member for Everton and is Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer. He has Commerce and Law degrees from the University of Queensland. After working in retail and hospitality throughout university, Murray’s career started as a lawyer, representing small businesses, and people who had been unfairly sacked or underpaid. He was Premier Anna Bligh’s Chief of Staff for five years, helping bring in the prep year of school and deliver massive infrastructure projects. He enjoys playing with his kids, reading and watching sport.

What do you think are the most important issues for Everton this election? 

Our community deserves an MP who will fight for us, on every issue. I have a track record of standing up for our area, by tackling congestion, improving our schools and hospitals, keeping our community safe, and fighting to relieve cost of living pressures. Locals can be sure I will always be a hard working, strong voice for us. In contrast, my LNP opponent has remained silent on key issues of importance to our area like congestion and improving local schools.

If re-elected, how will you help to improve the state’s health and education systems? 

As a father of two, I understand it’s important to give our kids the best start in life. I’ve secured over $20M in new facilities and other funding for every local school and got Government funding for 11 new kindergartens in our area. If re-elected, I will continue to fight for the best deal for our local schools.

I have also worked hard to deliver improvements at Chermside’s Prince Charles Hospital, including a new ward for hip surgery, and a new Children's Emergency Department. This service opens mid-year, and will provide great emergency care for local families, even closer to home.

What are your main policies on employment and the environment?

As a lawyer, I represented people who had been unfairly sacked. This means I care deeply about helping people keep their jobs.

The Bligh Government is well on the way to meeting our target of creating 100,000 new jobs in this term of office, despite difficult economic times. I have supported the Government’s programs to train and employ people who have lost their jobs..

I am a strong supporter of local environmental groups such as Kumbartcho Sanctuary and Bunyaville Environmental Centre. Labor has also promised to protect our wild rivers and our best farming land from coal seam gas development.

What do you think have been your main contributions to Everton?

From Day 1, I have fought hard for our area, to:

·        Fix major road intersections at Albany Creek, Everton Park and Enoggera;

·        Resurface Old Northern Rd, Eatons Crossing Rd, South Pine Rd and Samford Rd;

·        Improve public transport, with more bus services and duplicating the Ferny Grove rail line, to allow for more regular train services;

·        Secure over $20M in new facilities and other funding at every local school and got Government funding for 11 new kindergarten services in our area; and

·        Keep our community safe by stopping local pubs trading till 5am.

If re-elected, how would you improve Everton in the future?

I pledge to continue working hard for our community, to build on what I’ve achieved in the last three years. We need someone who will fight for us, not someone who will remain silent on things that matter.

If re-elected, my priorities will be:

·       Continuing to improve our local roads and public transport;

·       Continuing to provide the best schools and hospitals;

·       Keeping our community safe; and

·       Fighting to relieve cost of living pressures.

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