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Everton candidate profile - Bruce Hallett

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Name: Bruce Hallett
Party: Greens
Age: 65
Suburb of residence: Bunya
Occupation: Retired land surveyor

I am campaigning for the Greens in the electorate of Everton because it is important that every Queenslander has the choice to vote Green. The Greens are the only party who can be trusted to protect our farmlands from mining and to protect the water that our food producers and communities rely on.

I am passionate about protecting our environment, education and health care. I believe that the quality of healthcare that you receive when you are sick shouldn't depend on how much money you have.

What do you think are the most important issues for Everton this election? 

Some of the key issues, not only for the voters in Everton, but for all Queenslanders, are coastal protection (this includes Gladstone harbour and the Great Barrier Reef), a better health system with real emphasis on preventative care, and accountability and integrity in Government. We need new people in Parliament to shake up the two old parties.

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