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Pine Rivers candidate profile - John Alexander

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Name: John Alexander

Party: Katters Australian Party

Age: 49

Suburb of residence: Ocean View

Occupation: Sales and Operations Manager

Bio: Originally from South Africa, John has been living in the Pine Rivers Shire for nearly 10 years. After completing high school John served in the military in a specialist unit and did active duty as a Platoon Sergeant. He is a qualified accountant and holds degrees in both finance and marketing and has worked in the corporate environment as well as doing the hard yards when starting and running his own businesses. John has worked for large companies in the field of business improvement, profitability and strategic planning, so he has an acute understanding of what is needed to return Queensland to prosperity. He recently started a business within the Pine Rivers Shire that is already growing into a sought after tourist destination.  

John is married with three children and two grandchildren, so is familiar with the day to day pressures all families face. His two younger children are still studying at schools within the Pine Rivers Shire. John is an active member of the community and is involved with various organisations including the rural fire brigade. He is a member of the Dayboro and Districts Soccer club where he has also held the position of Club President and is an active member of his church.

He feel svery strongly about what the Australian party stands for and would like to be part of the change that gives Australians what they deserve. "It’s time there was some action and someone needs to have the Pine Rivers area at heart, I am that someone."

As your local member of Parliament John will work tirelessly to:

* represent the interests of Pine Rivers residents

* the upgrading and maintenance of local roads and infrastructure

* promotion of tourism and employment in the area

* a solution to Young’s Crossing at Petrie

* better parking facilities at train stations

* increase small business development and growth in the area

* relaxing of the current urban footprint

* widening of state roads in areas to allow safer passing by cars of cyclists

* promote manufacture and marketing of locally made products

* protecting Australia’s assets from foreign ownership.

What do you think are the most important issues for Pine Rivers this election?  

Our current infrastructure needs maintenance and future infrastructure needs forward thinking and planning. Current upgrades are AJ WyllieBbridge, Young’s Crossing and the main roads including Dayboro, Samford and Mt Mee Road. Future projects should not include illogical planning like Old North Road from Warner to South Pine Road where on four occasions the road narrows from two to one lane.  Employment and business needs to be promoted and encouraged in the retail and industrial areas as well as tourism in the rural areas. Parking facilities at train stations should be upgraded to allow maximisation of land use.

If elected, how will you help to improve the state’s health and education systems?  

Accountability is needed for those who are responsible in and for the health system. If you don’t produce the necessary results, you’re held responsible with consequences. Each level needs to be held accountable for their areas of responsibility and monitored regularly on progress. Issues are to be identified, rectified and regularly monitored to ensure compliance. Similarly the education system needs to be held responsible for the progress of the students and allowed to take the necessary steps to promote learning and discipline as a collaborative partnership between parents and teachers.

What are your main policies on employment and the environment?

Employment needs to be encouraged and promoted. The Australia Party stands for the payroll tax threshold raised to stimulate local employment. Government incentives should be installed to facilitate the start-up and growth of small business. The environmental areas of the Pine Rivers shire should be grown as a tourist area which would increase tourism to the area, employment in the area and limit travel to employment. The environment should be protected but made available for all residents to use and enjoy, “the assets are not exclusive domain of the crown” (Australia Party core principle 10 and 11).

What do you think has been lacking in the representation of the Pine Rivers electorate?

Everything, including but not limited to: business promotion, tourism promotion, asset and infrastructure maintenance, and a general enthusiasm to address the issues of local residents. What is needed is someone with business and life experience and has done the rounds of being under financial pressures and trading out of them, identifying issues and finding resolutions to them as well as putting them into practice, and if the first time doesn’t work, go back and try another solution. Someone who has logic, enthusiasm, commitment and fights for what they believe in, and I am that person.  

Why would you make a good representative for the people of Pine Rivers?

As a resident I know what is needed. I am old enough to easily identify talkers from do’ers and don’t accept excuses for slackness, yet am young enough to have energy to get things done. I am a fighter and don’t take no for an answer when I believe in an issue and need resolve. I have the skills necessary to ensure Pine Rivers gets its fair share from the state and we are not at the back of the queue. What I ask of the constituents is that they assess each candidate based on their history and policies. 

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