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Hall on the ball for residents

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Source: Lee Oliver

Kate Hall is striving to replace Bob Millar as the Division 11 representative for Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Kate Hall is striving to replace Bob Millar as the Division 11 representative for Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Kate Hall has pledged to provide transparency in local government if she is elected to Moreton Bay Regional Council later this month.

The Kurwongbah resident, a former nurse who has also worked in tourism and property management and now breeds harness racing horses, wants to eliminate the use of confidential in-house meetings held by Council.

“This council had 374 ‘confidential items’ that we are aware of over the last four years,” the candidate for Division 11 said. 

“We can go quietly and allow this present council to continue with ‘what they (ratepayers) don’t know won’t hurt them’, or we can stand up and say, ‘enough is enough’.”

If elected, Mrs Hall would also have meetings with residents “recorded and approved” by residents in attendance “to avoid any misunderstandings”.

She also wants to webcast council meetings and will look into its use for public participation, and for a question and answer period after each meeting.

Mrs Hall, whose husband Ivan is running for the mayoralty of Moreton Bay, said she offered residents a “choice for change”.

“I want to re-focus our council’s activities on the provision of the essential basic services – roads, waste, water, sewerage, parks and sporting facilities,” she said.

“It is time to return our council to its people and ensure we have a voice. That is why I am standing for council.”

Other items on Mrs Hall’s agenda include opening the Dayboro Transfer Station seven days a week, implementing a flood and landslip prevention program in damaged areas in Division 11 and throughout the entire Moreton Bay region, and establishing a Hardship Tribunal for rate relief for residents in difficult circumstances.

“I will make sure that our council-owned property leased to private business will be of a commercial lease standard,” she said.

Craig Dunn is also challenging sitting Division 11 representative Bob Millar in the ballot on 28 April.

All current Moreton Bay councillors are putting their hand up for re-election, with Division 2 councillor Chris Whiting one of six candidates running for Mayor.

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