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Adam on eve of Caboolture visit

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Source: Lee Oliver

Adam Harvey’s 51-date Australian tour will include a stop at the Urban Country Music Festival at Caboolture on  5 May.

Adam Harvey’s 51-date Australian tour will include a stop at the Urban Country Music Festival at Caboolture on 5 May.

For Adam Harvey, the title of his latest album couldn’t be more appropriate.

Falling Into Place, the country singer’s seventh album, is one of his most successful releases to date, and his first recording to hit the top 10 of the Australian music charts.

Add a content family life to career record sales of upwards of 300,000 and Harvey is a pretty happy sounding bloke when The Westerner contacts him at his home in Bateua Bay, in New South Wales.

Harvey said the audience response to Falling Into Place, released last July, has been “amazing”.

“It’s doing really well so far and we were lucky enough to get the Album of the Year at Tamworth at the big country music awards, which was great,” he said.

“I was a bit disappointed I missed out on Female Artist of the Year, but anyway that’s life,” he jokes.

“You write all these songs and you record an album and hope like hell that people are going to like it.

“Winning awards is a wonderful thing but for me the greatest honour is when so many people want to go out and buy your music.”

Like his own career, Harvey believes country music is “on the up and up”, as evidenced by the crowds at festivals.

“I’ve noticed crowd numbers around Australia really seem to be strong, with really, really good numbers at the shows,” he said.

“There’s more people going to these festivals all the time, and even in Tamworth there were more people at the festival than I’ve seen there in the past four or five years.

“One of the great things about country music is once you establish a fan base and the people know that you’re pretty genuine and like what you do, they’re pretty loyal.

“They stick with you for your entire career and keep buying the new albums when they come out and keep going to the shows and festivals, so we’re really lucky.”

Harvey’s next festival appointment is the Urban Country Music Festival at Caboolture next month.

“It’s a great spot up there and we always get a great country crowd up there that let their hair down,” he said.

“It’s awesome you get that many people in the one place wanting to have good time and listen to some country music.

“It’s an amazing atmosphere and the adrenaline when you’re up there on stage, as with any show… is great.

“But when you get out there in front of 10,000 people it’s very cool and to look out there and see the crowd singing along to songs that you’ve written… is an amazing feeling.”

Harvey’s children are following their father’s path towards music, but he doubts he’ll be collaborating with his son on a song any time soon.

“My son loves music too but he wants to be a rap singer,” he said.

“If you put rap and country together you get crap, don’t you,” he laughs.

Adam Harvey plays with Troy Cassar-Daley, The Sunny Cowgirls and more at the Urban Country Music Festival on 5 May.

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