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Thursday, 16 February 2006

Source: M. Holyoak, Cashmere

I have written before concerning Mal McClure’s column. Soon after this occasion, I contacted Mal and we conversed for a long while, although disagreeing with each other, it was amicable and we both enjoyed the discussion.

In that letter, I implied that he was possibly coming from a Marx/Hegel atheist view. I made an assumption and I was wrong. However, I cannot escape the recent (Feb 2, 2006) column, ‘In the Beginning there was Only Consciousness!’

Even though the column is promoted as non-doctrinal, I pointed out to Mal that most of what he is saying is the New Age doctrine of a Cosmic Humanist. I’m not saying he is a bad person for this or trying to label him, but there is a doctrine for a Cosmic Humanist. What is it they believe?

A Cosmic Humanist is someone who believes in a supernatural realm consisting of spiritual relationships. The New Age God is a cosmic force. A Cosmic Humanist believes every person and all reality is God and any “truth” our inner self discovers is God’s truth. This new age God differs infinitely from the Christian concept of God and this seems to be what a lot of what Mal’s column struggles with.

This is not a new concept. A Cosmic Humanist believes that humanity can become attuned to all powers of its godhood by achieving unity of the conciousness. Beverly Galyean says: “Once we begin to see that we are all God, the attributes of God ... to reown the Godlikeness within us... that essential oneness that is consciousness” (‘Educators Look East’, Spiritual Counterfeits journal, winter 1981, p29). Also from Shakti Gawain: “When one gets in touch with the God force within, one can “know” accurately and without limits.” When we look within, we will find truth and every person will achieve godhood and total unity will be restored.

Unfortunately, this sort of technology promotes a happy ending, which we’d all love to have, but it is not reality. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where there is right and wrong and we have to be accountable for our actions.

A disregard for the laws and a lack of respect for authority is a major part why we have problems with younger generations coming through and society’s general rule of ‘my rules’, rule. Eg. This is seen in road rage, shopping rage, parking rage, surf rage, fishing rage, etc.

I’m not saying that Mal’s column brings about this sort of behaviour, but I personally can see by his ‘slur’ on the Bible and, further, by writing off the Biblical Creator as ‘Thus we are left to our own devices when seeking the nature of the creator”, implications that the whole fabric of what our heritage was built on (i.e. Christian principles) is being thrown away for a New Age God.

Of ‘whatever is truth for you’ or ‘I felt I was on the right path because it was affirmed by the presence of a supreme integrating force.” These opinions are rife in society.

I believe in the Biblical God who is spirit, but a real being, not an innate force. God desires to be loved unconditionally and he expounds great love towards us. He loves us, as a father loves and cares for his children and, as a loving father and creator, he has the right to set rules and correct and reprove us accordingly. But like rebellious children we prefer to do our own thing and believe it is our right to make our own rules. However, God is also a judge. Free will brings us into accountability. No one can escape this.

Our conscience has been placed in all of us as a guide and a reminder that God exists and we can discern from right and wrong, even though cultural beliefs may tell us otherwise. It is by this conscience we are made accountable for our actions.

To me - this is reality. It is also real ... unconditional love, from a real God.

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