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What he didn’t say ...

Thursday, 2 March 2006

Source: Hon Stephen Robertson MP Minister for Health

Opposition leader Lawrence Springborg is at it again, attacking our hospitals with only half the story and half the facts.

He recently claimed 2,462 doctors had left Queensland Health over the last three years.

What he didn’t say was during the same period, Queensland Health increased the number of doctors it employs from 3,785 to 4,552.

That means Queensland public hospitals have 767 more doctors than they did three years ago.

However, we still need more doctors. That’s why Queensland is pushing the Federal Government for an extra 325 HECS places at our universities.

What Mr Springborg also didn’t say was that all doctors that graduate from our universities become interns in our public hospitals before many of them leave Queensland Health to become GPs in the private sector.

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